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The Corrugated Industry magazine is the only periodical publication in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia and other former Soviet countries dedicated to corrugated board and corrugated box making issues. The magazine covers current topics in corrugated board, places thematic overviews on corrugated board machinery as well as on corrugated board / boxes; interviews and analytical research by experts, reportages on trade fairs, conferences, seminars. The Corrugated Industry magazine is for those who want to get more. That is why…»

-How can one improve the performance and efficiency of the processes at the enterprise?
- What kind of equipment and consumables should one choose?
- How can one achieve order and arrange management accounting at a corrugated board plant?
- How?!!!

Corrugated Industry is valuable information for corrugated board producers:
-technical solutions and knowledge that improve efficiency;
-international stage for communication of corrugated board professionals.
Usuful, regular, fast
Corrugated Industry gives replies

-When the competition is local and fierce and few want to share information with their neighbors.
- How can one raise employees’ involvement and profitability of the business?
- How to reduce the costs at a corrugated plant? - How can one reduce downtime at the company? - How? !!!


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